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We have a team of highly experienced Consultants to call on who can provide you with a wide range of right skills for your project, postion or any ad hoc support.  You will be able to view our consultants via our team page soon and we are very happy to help you identify the right skill set and experience for your needs. Continue Reading
We are able to operate your existing grants management software, or help you transition to a cloud-based online application management system (utilising SalesForce) working with our partners Issimo: Our sister company, Jireh Solutions, provides cloud based IT support to clients, as well as VoiP telephone systems: Continue Reading
Trustees have a principal duty to ensure that their charity’s funds are prudently invested. Periodically they should review the situation, be satisfied that they have received appropriate advice and have acted upon it where necessary. We collaborate with the independent investment consultant Chawker & Co. to offer three core services to clients: Investment Management Reviews: A periodic investment review, undertaken by Chawker & Co, enables Trustees to have confidence in their investment manager selection, get better investment outcomes, better fee negotiation and meet their fiduciary duty to undertake periodic reviews. Trustee Training: To empower Trustees to make decisions and fully understand the rubric of investment we provide a fixed price half day package of training. Ad Hoc advice and Consulting: Chawker & Co offers flexible support to client Trustees who need advice, find themselves in conflict with their managers or need short term investment counselling. To learn more about ourRead the full article Continue Reading